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Hellooooooo You love on-line bandits! (5)
I am glad to be here and takes pleasure in play, furthermore I am glad nice people or make friends to get to know. I am like not to overlook Western Pomerania was born there in Mecklenburg to football fan of the FC Hanse Rostock, and my heart hits for the HANSAKOGGE from Rostock. Currently I live in the nice green State of Brandenburg nearby to Potsdam and Berlin GERMANY. If you want to know more, quite simply asks I do not bite, although I am born in the star sign Lion. So I wish You all a lot JOKE, SUCCEED, JOY and always plays FAIREPLAYE! For me he counts in the first line joke which joy in play and not this win, in this reflects good luck. 
dear one greets        
HANSA 63.At   !  (8) (5)
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hello hansa !... bem vindoooooo ao brasil !...bjos